Irony about ATGATT

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ATGATT means All The Gear All The Time and is a term used on motorcycle forums I frequent. It means wearing all your riding gear every time you ride. I follow the rule 99% of the time, the only thing I sometimes skip is riding pants. Bad, but I guess we can’t be perfect.

So today is a beautiful spring day and I decided to do some barbecuing, I marinated some shish kabobs and warmed up the grill. While cooking I was reading a book I took out the library Valentino Rossi: The Autobiography and enjoying the smell of cooking veggies. I got up to turn the kabobs and I realized I wanted something out of the garage and I pulled my Yamaha TDM850 back and the kickstand smashed my bare toe and it hurt so I let the bike go so now it came down on the tip of my toe. I yanked my foot back and saw stars and looked down and saw blood. Did I mention I was wearing sandals? Not quite ATGATT for riding, but I wasn’t panning on riding. I wiped the blood to see the damage and I see that I broke the nail in two and nice sized section was hanging off, so I yanked it off. Probably not the brightest thing to do, but I wrapped it up and continued cooking, but the pain made it hard to concentrate on reading.

To take the pain off my mind I did some gardening and planning and looked at some of the plants my landlady who i share my garden with planted. It is a cute little garden and really lets me connect with the earth which is something we should all do.

Now for the ironic part I planned on doing some work on and maybe posting the “Boots” section for my Vegan Riding Gear page tonight. Guess I could have used them tonight.

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Wrenching and Wasps

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I decided to so some work on one of my bikes, working on bikes is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy it, since I no longer get paid to do it. I used to work on building bikes, and tuning them for customers and race teams. I wonder how many brain cells I have wasted being locked in a dyno room breathing fumes for hours on end trying to find that extra one horsepower for some race team. Or ripping my knuckles open on a sharp engine cases, but having no time to clean it up so I would bleed all over someones engine as we tried to make the two-minute board.

Now it is all for me and since I have more than one bike if I don’t finish something i just take the other bike, it is a truly meditative state when i am turning wrenches and just enjoying working on my bikes. Tonight was one of those nights, and I loved it.

The sad part of tonight is the wasps are back. Last year I had a problem with paper wasps building a nest in my barbecue grill. I have a real live and let live attitude with insects and do my best to live with them. In the roof of my garage is a beehive, I leave them alone, the leave me alone. We both benefit from our relationship, they drink my nectar and in return they pollinate my plants, works for me. But these wasps they make it hard to use my grill and this is a problem. I read about them last year and the best method to get rid of them is to light the grill and let them flyoff. I end up killing their larvae which bother me, but I am not sure what other choice I have? Tonight I had to kill their nest and it bothers me, it really bothers me, I am actually tempted to biuy another grill and let them have that one, though of course that is not practical. Here is my public apology to the wasps. I am sorry we can’t get along, I truly value your lives and want to make it work.

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Easy Travel Food

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I was shopping in Trader Joe’s and I came across something that reminded me of the perfect vegan travel food. They carry pre-cooked boxes of Indian and Spanish foods, they come pre-packed and wrapped in a foil bag that can be placed in boiling water, cut open and cooked in a pot, or eaten at room temperature. They also carry a few pre-cooked, vacuum sealed in plastic bag rices. Cut open each nag and you have a hearty, healthy, delicious vegan travel meal.

I am a huge fan of TJ’s and so excited that that they are opening one literally blocks from my house, but before my next road trip I plan adding all their stores throughout the country onto my GPS.

On a side note, I love the looks I get in stores when I am wearing my main riding jacket. I wear an Olympia AST in Hi-Viz yellow and it is truly hi-viz, gets lots of look and comments. One of my favorites was a special education student I teach “Mr. B, I didn’t know you are also a firemen.” Got to love kids!

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Powered by Tofu

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I have many interests but two of my biggest are that I am vegan and I ride motorcycles. This is a place I plan on tying both of them together. Being vegan means I love food, and being into bikes, means I love to ride. What is better than riding to food and enjoying it? On this blog you will find many things, might here me ranting about some animal rights issue, telling a funny story that happened, talking about a motorcycle trip I am either planning, riding or returned from. Who knows where this may go, so strap your chinstraps grab on and let’s go for a ride.

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