Frustrations With Getting Gear Info

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I stared this website because of the great website Carl Olsen built Non-leather Motorcycle Gear, his site became outdated because of other projects he had going so i dropped him an email and asked if he minded if I started a “competing” site, his reply was go for it! So thanks Carl.

I wanted to make sure my site is as accurate as possible so I am emailing companies to verify what gear that have that is vegan. Some are very cooperative and replied in details, others have ignored my requests. It is frustrating and systemic of customer service these days.If you are not going to respond to emails, or not going to clear your inbox so emails do not bounce, do not publish your address. I may be a teacher now but I worked in retail and wholesale for almost 20 years prior and I answered every single email I would receive. Even if it was to say “I am sorry I do not have an answer for you” I am not ready to bash all the companies that did not reply yet, but I want give kudos to those who did reply.

Olympia Gloves replied within a day with a list of what gloves are vegan. Joe Rocket gave me a detailed list of their vegan gloves and mentioned that they are not currently making any vegan gloves or boots, but may make them again. Alpinestars and Rev’it replied that they do not make any vegan gloves or boots but both make jackets.

My gear guide is growing, but it is very time consuming and growing slowly, but you can visit it at

Added 5/24/2007

Got a reply from a company to my question about any specific gloves and boots they make that are 100% leather-free, this is their response. ” _______ no longer makes boots. However, most of our gloves are made from leather materials. We do offer a few styles that are a Mesh material which is made from polyester. The remaining is made form nylon which is also from polyester materials.”

Thanks for offering me the exact info I needed, ugh!

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  1. Deb Says:

    As frustrating as it is, don’t get too discouraged! It is a lot of work, but it is so helpful to others, and helps the companies see that people are interested, asking, looking.

    I have horrible luck with customer service people, as you know. So I’m not very surprised! It is a good way to tell what the company’s customer service is like, overall, so you’re taking care of learning about two aspects of the company with one email!

  2. rich Says:

    Thanks for you support, I am working hard on trying to make the list and I know it will be worth it in the long one. Even i it just helps one person buy some cruelty free article of clothing.

  3. inflatable Says:

    Nice post,thanks a lot! :)

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