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I rode dirt bikes as a kid and when I was 19 I decided to get my first streetbike. A family friend who rode told me even though I know how to ride I should get a smaller bike, so I bought my first bike a 1988 Kawasaki EX500 and decided to go on a long ride with it. No idea where I wanted to go, so i asked . Since he was the motorcycle traveler and he said Nova Scotia is beautiful and Cape Breton Island has some amazing roads. So I went to the library took out a travel book and off to Nova Scotia I went. Seemed rationale to have been riding for less than two months and go on a 2.500 mile round trip ride. I didn’t even own rain gear so when it started raining i pulled into a K-mart and bought a rain suit. I made it through that trip though it rained something like six of the eight days i was there.

The following year I decided to go on a longer trip on my second bike, a 1989 Kawasaki Ninja 750, this trip was to have no time limit, and no destination. It ended up being almost five months and 28,000 miles. My only plan was to ride and ride far and often, I had a Reader’s Digest Pocket Atlas and I was going to just use it and go. Before departing C. called me up and asked if I needed any advice or help and I told him his advice was always welcome. He told me some places to go and things to do and asked if I was going to be around on Tuesday he wanted to see me. We met up and he gave me a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance which he inscribed. I brought it on the trip and that book and that trip changed my life. Years later I lent the book to someone and never got it back. Sad since I long forgot what it said.

C. and I never road together, he wasn’t into riding with other people, since he had a friend die riding with him. We would sometimes run into each other on the road and he was a fixture at the Americade Rally in Lake Geroge, NY and I would sometimes be up there at my families place and we would meet for lunch or something. We barely ever talked and were down to a Christmas card maybe every other year. But he always had a place in my heart, a few months back my uncle, who was his best friend called me and told me C died in his sleep from a stroke. I was heartbroken because he met so much to me, but I never really expressed it. I have had a lot of people die in my life, and for C.’s death touched me more than most.

Today i was riding and I saw someone on a gray Goldwing and I thought of C, Americade is coming up and I think my uncle said they may be spreading his ashes up there. I am not into the whole ash thing, or Americade but I think i’ll take a trip up there. though this time if it rains I will have a rain suit.

Ride On Ceotis, Ride on!

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