Irony about ATGATT

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ATGATT means All The Gear All The Time and is a term used on motorcycle forums I frequent. It means wearing all your riding gear every time you ride. I follow the rule 99% of the time, the only thing I sometimes skip is riding pants. Bad, but I guess we can’t be perfect.

So today is a beautiful spring day and I decided to do some barbecuing, I marinated some shish kabobs and warmed up the grill. While cooking I was reading a book I took out the library Valentino Rossi: The Autobiography and enjoying the smell of cooking veggies. I got up to turn the kabobs and I realized I wanted something out of the garage and I pulled my Yamaha TDM850 back and the kickstand smashed my bare toe and it hurt so I let the bike go so now it came down on the tip of my toe. I yanked my foot back and saw stars and looked down and saw blood. Did I mention I was wearing sandals? Not quite ATGATT for riding, but I wasn’t panning on riding. I wiped the blood to see the damage and I see that I broke the nail in two and nice sized section was hanging off, so I yanked it off. Probably not the brightest thing to do, but I wrapped it up and continued cooking, but the pain made it hard to concentrate on reading.

To take the pain off my mind I did some gardening and planning and looked at some of the plants my landlady who i share my garden with planted. It is a cute little garden and really lets me connect with the earth which is something we should all do.

Now for the ironic part I planned on doing some work on and maybe posting the “Boots” section for my Vegan Riding Gear page tonight. Guess I could have used them tonight.

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3 Responses to “Irony about ATGATT”

  1. Deb Says:

    What’s growing in your garden? And why didn’t we get a pic of a bloody toe? lol. Sorry you hurt yourself, but hopefully it will heal quickly.

    I mangled another finger last night. I don’t know what it is with me and scraping off large chunks of skin from my fingers, but I’m just glad I never had ambitions to make money from hand modeling.

    Seeing your grill reminds me - when you come down next, you’ll have to teach me how to grill! I need to use the thing or get rid of it.

  2. rich Says:

    That is a picture of basil, there is also parsley, rosemary, sage, mint, tomatoes, zucchini, acorn squash, and eggplants either planted or growing. I tried to take a pic of my toe, it didn’t come out to well.
    Stop with the finger slicing nonsense.
    So when is the grilling party at Deb’s?

  3. Deb Says:

    The grilling party is mid-June, if you stick to that plan.

    I thought it looked like basil!

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