Wrenching and Wasps

vegan - - Posted on May, 16 at 8:29 pm

I decided to so some work on one of my bikes, working on bikes is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy it, since I no longer get paid to do it. I used to work on building bikes, and tuning them for customers and race teams. I wonder how many brain cells I have wasted being locked in a dyno room breathing fumes for hours on end trying to find that extra one horsepower for some race team. Or ripping my knuckles open on a sharp engine cases, but having no time to clean it up so I would bleed all over someones engine as we tried to make the two-minute board.

Now it is all for me and since I have more than one bike if I don’t finish something i just take the other bike, it is a truly meditative state when i am turning wrenches and just enjoying working on my bikes. Tonight was one of those nights, and I loved it.

The sad part of tonight is the wasps are back. Last year I had a problem with paper wasps building a nest in my barbecue grill. I have a real live and let live attitude with insects and do my best to live with them. In the roof of my garage is a beehive, I leave them alone, the leave me alone. We both benefit from our relationship, they drink my nectar and in return they pollinate my plants, works for me. But these wasps they make it hard to use my grill and this is a problem. I read about them last year and the best method to get rid of them is to light the grill and let them flyoff. I end up killing their larvae which bother me, but I am not sure what other choice I have? Tonight I had to kill their nest and it bothers me, it really bothers me, I am actually tempted to biuy another grill and let them have that one, though of course that is not practical. Here is my public apology to the wasps. I am sorry we can’t get along, I truly value your lives and want to make it work.

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