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vegan - - Posted on May, 16 at 8:08 pm

I was shopping in Trader Joe’s and I came across something that reminded me of the perfect vegan travel food. They carry pre-cooked boxes of Indian and Spanish foods, they come pre-packed and wrapped in a foil bag that can be placed in boiling water, cut open and cooked in a pot, or eaten at room temperature. They also carry a few pre-cooked, vacuum sealed in plastic bag rices. Cut open each nag and you have a hearty, healthy, delicious vegan travel meal.

I am a huge fan of TJ’s and so excited that that they are opening one literally blocks from my house, but before my next road trip I plan adding all their stores throughout the country onto my GPS.

On a side note, I love the looks I get in stores when I am wearing my main riding jacket. I wear an Olympia AST in Hi-Viz yellow and it is truly hi-viz, gets lots of look and comments. One of my favorites was a special education student I teach “Mr. B, I didn’t know you are also a firemen.” Got to love kids!

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