Off-Road Racing Vegan Style

vegan - - Posted on October, 2 at 8:03 pm

I have thought about this for a bit and never did it since it would likely be boring to most but I wanted to share what i wear from head-to-toe when racing, and since we love food what I eat on race day.

For some background let’s discuss a race, it is not actually a race but a timed event with some sections called special tests where you ride all out and try and beat the clock. Then there are transfers that have a set speed limit and you have to ride and manage the clock. A typical race has about 5-6.5 hours of riding with a gas break or two, but it is pretty physical. I read an article that said during an enduro the average rider burns 6,200 calories. So it is a tough sport. Oh and i can tell you first hand crashing takes a lot out of you ;)

Starting at the bottom and working my way up:

Sidi Crossfire SRS boots with plastic heat shields, ARC MX socks, very tall go to the knee and not made of wool. I then put on some cheapo elastic knee braces, they help my knees a bit, but they also isolate my knees from my knee guards which are made by SixSixOne Richochet knee guard, and have saved my kneed more than once. Next I wear a pair of bicycle shorts, the little bit of padding helps, and the compression is welcome. Over them I wear a pair of Sette Impact armored shorts, covered by a pair of Answer Apex pants.

Moving up I wear a tight stretch shirt similar to Under Armour, then a SixSixOne pressure suit covered by one of a few Answer jerseys I own.

I wear a Leatt GPX Club brace, Thor Force helmet, and a pair of Smith Intake Enduro googles. It is a ton of gear and unfortunately I have tested every piece of it with crashes and get-offs.

On raceday I try and eat a minimal amount of food before racing, partly because of nerves, and partly I do not want to need to use a bathroom during the race. Yes TMI but whatever.

I wake up and try and drink a liter of water before anything, then I eat a banana and have an Emergen-C pack, just check not all are vegan, check their FAQ page. If I am stll hungry I might grab a half of Clif bar. During the race I drink straight water out of my Camelback, then at the gas break i eat another banana, which is held safe by my banana holder (makes for interesting conversation when it is on my kitchen counter), and a handful of nuts and dried fruits. If it is hot and I am sweating a lot I may have another Emergen-C since I use them for the potassium more than anything else. At the end of the race I am starving and dehydrated, so i try and drink more and then figure out a meal. Usually it is poorly planned so I end up eating crap on the ride home.

Made a delicious creamy coconut tomato soup for dinner last not. My friend and I loved it with a Gardenburger Black Bean Burger, topped with sauteed onions, and mushrooms and Newman’s Own salsa.

Tonight’s dinner was take-out Indian and delicious.

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  1. Deb Says:

    mmm. coconut tomato soup sounds great! recipe?

  2. rich Says:

    It is from an unpublished cookbook so I cannot publish it, but I think you may have seen it before.

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