Try, try, try again…

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Rich Muchaux

I have neglected this blog forever as well as the site. Maybe it is time to update both of them, the riding gear section is out-of-date and the blog is boring as hell. What is inspiring me is the Vegan MoFo challenge, I am going to try and blog once a day for the month of October. No promises since I also plan on being away for a few days here and there, but with my laptop and a wireless card I have no real excuse.

Barely ride streetbikes anymore, as I have gotten really into, off-road riding and enduros. First year racing in the C-Senior class (yes if you are 40 you are a senior) and I am doing reasonably well for an overweight, new to dirt rider. Currently I am in 4th in points for the year and have almost no chance to catch the third place rider with only one race to go.

Been really enjoying teaching a new vegan about the greatness of our food, introducing her to new stuff she never heard of, and the perils of thos “tricky ingredients” the one thing that is making it workfor her are desserts. For her the desserts are the reminder that she does not have to give up the indulgences, and can eat “cheese”cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies, etc. Weird what lets some people stick with it, but whatever works works for all of the animals.

When it comes to riding I am concerned about motocross boots, I have a pair of Sidi’s that are vegan but all of the new ones use a small leather patch as a heat shield. I need to find some new old stock of the boots I have and stock up or something.

Oh and al of the higher end riding pants have leather patches for heat by the inner knee. Luckily the lower end gear is still vegan. But with a bit of research I will find it out and let you know what works.

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  1. Deb Says:

    So glad to hear you’ll be participating in veganmofo! Should be fun to hear about all the foods you and “the new vegan” try.

  2. rich Says:

    Will update on the food as we go ;)

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