New Years?

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January 1st, 2008 and everyone is wishing me an happy new year. Well I was riding home from the city this afternoon after doing the Isle of Man(hattan) ride (more about that later), and I was thinking about new years. Who gets to decide that at 12:00am on January 1st that it is a new year? I mean for me wouldn’t it be a new year on my birthday? I mean that is truly a new year in my life. Or what about Roshashana, for the millions of Jews in the world it is a new year? Or the Lunar new year is that the new year for the over one billion Chinese and Koreans in the world?
I guess we are just so egocentric that is is “our” new years so I guess we should wish everyone a happy new year.
So back to the Isle of Man(attan) ride, a bunch of years ago some guys decided to start a New Years tradition of taking a lap around Manhattan every January 1st as a way to celebrate the New Years. The name comes from the famous Isle of Mann TT race held on the Isle of Mann every year. The TT is a lap (or multiple laps) around the island.
So I awoke to a pounding rain and dragged myself out of bed and donned my riding gear and headed into the city to The Sidewalk Cafe. As I turned onto Ave. A the rain stopped and I saw a half-dozen or so bikes out front. Went in had a tea, BSed a bit and a few more riders pulled up and we were off. The ride was not very spirited with the wet roads but it was a nice way to celebrate January 1st.
Afterwards I went to Mamoun’s Falafel and had a hummus falafel. In terms of falafel balls they are the best falafel’s I ever had, and their hummus kicks ass. I just wish they had the salad bar option for topping your own that Amsterdam Falafel in DC has.

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