Back in the Saddle Again…Sort of

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Some friends were having a party last night in the city and I decided to ride in to hang out. We normally meet at the Ear Inn on Tuesday night’s but decided to have a roof party instead. I took my TDM850 since it is the smoothest riding bike I own. Well I got there but was sore, I am still not ready to ride.

But the party was awesome Dave and Francine have a piece of paradise in Manhattan, besides having a beautiful loft apartment with a full-sized pool table, there building has a beautiful rooftop garden, complete with a grill, sink, fridge, and hammock. I enjoyed the company and Francine knowing I am a vegan picked up some vegan veggie burgers and they cooked them on a part of the grill that was covered in clean aluminum foil, which was truly appreciated.

The night was not perfect though, I planned on taking some pictures of the sunrise over Manhattan but by the time I got there the sun was set behind the building across the road so no photos. After not looking forward to the ride home I started riding home and there was construction on the Kosciusko Bridge which closed it down to one pain, the pain in my ribs, being tired and the crackdown on lane-splitting in NYC made me stay in my lane and turn what should have been a 25 minute ride took over and hour and twenty minutes.

I woke up feeling better this morning and spent a few hours in my garage and back yard. At the end of the day I has washed my TDM and Elefant, replaced all the broken crashed parts on my MZ Mastiff (which i crashed in 2004 and ignored since then), and my German buddy finally picked up the KLR. So with two large contractor trash bags full of garbage gone, and a bike gone I have a bit of room. Though if I sell some more parts, some bicycles and the TDM I will have a lot more room. I need room, anyone want a TDM?

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