I Love LA

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Actually I do not love LA but with reason to go there it is a fun place. This past weekend was a good reason to go there, Los Angeles was hosting the Animal Rights 2007 Conference. I flew in on Thursday after an adventuresome day getting there, I used to work for an airline and still have friends that work there so I flew on a buddy pass which meant standby and it was a long day of not getting on flights. Yeah I saved a few bucks but it was pound wise penny foolish. So I missed meeting my friend Deb and our scheduled trip to visit Animal Acres Farm Sanctuary but I did arrive in time to eat an excellent meal of take-out from Madeline’s Bistro which was excellent. I live in NYC which has a huge selection of incredible vegan restaurants and I want to return to Madeline’s, that’s saying something. but the next day was the real reason for flying to LA.

The conference was three intense days of workshops covering all aspects of the animal rights movements. There were so many speakers and topic that it was a bit of brain overload but hearing some of the motivating speeches by Capt. Paul Watson, Patrice Jones, Howard Lyman, Camille Hankins. Other workshops on educating children, dealing with urban wildlife, and some very empowering speeches by Will Potter, Heidi Boghosian, and Christine Garcia. I did not even mention even a quarter of the speakers I listened to but these are a few who stood out. One thing I came home with is that we in the animal rights movement need to work with other groups and use our shared resources to make true social changes, one person who personified this throughout the weekend was Debra Erenberg from the Rainforest Action Network.
It motivated me to get out and be a more serious activist and it reminded me that there is an entire movement within the animal rights movement of attacktivists activist whose only form of activism is to attack other activists and their tactics. We are such a small minority we do not need a fractured movement but a movement of solidarity that has one aim, the end of the status of of animals as property.

So for my little bit of motorcycle content since this blog is called Vegan Motorcyclist. I came home at 6:30 am this morning after a red-eye flight and found an envelope containing these in my hallway. Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to “I Love LA”

  1. Deb Says:

    What a great picture! I haven’t even looked at mine yet.

    I don’t think any movement can really avoid the fractures, but it will be lovely when people stop wasting time attacking others and instead spend that time actually doing something. As far as I can tell, most of the attackavists are also slactivists.

  2. Sarah Says:

    i think you and i wrote about the same thing! i had a great time, but left feeling frustrated that even some of the speakers were fighting with each other over what tactics are better. lame-o!

  3. rich Says:

    Deb: Thanks, I am not sure it shows enough color and I didn’t want to go in Phtoshop and “make” it show the color, but I like it. Now go process your pics! So true about the attackavists being slactivsits.

    Sarah: yeah we did say the same thing. I am sure we are not the only ones to say and feel that way.

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