That Need…

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I am getting it, that need to travel and to travel by motorcycle. I am sure it is fueled by a number of things, most likely by my boredom. I can’t ride and it hurts to do a lot of stuff, so I am sitting home doing noting, but playing on the computer, watching movies and reading.

In the last few months I have read a bunch of motorcycle travel books, two I really liked Two Wheels Through Terror, by Glen Heggstad, and Lois on the Loose by Lois Pryce. Ironically both of these trips ended up in Tierra Del Fuego, Argenitna the southernmost place in South America.

I’ve done a fair share of riding, considering I’ve ridden to the forty-nine states you can ride to, and a bit of the Baja Peninsular, but I have never really taken a true adventure ride to a desolate or foreign area. Even the Al-can Highway is not desolate.So I planned to take a ride to Alabama to visit the Barber Motorsports Museum and an old friend from my racing days. I am still most likely going to take that ride, but I am also thinking of taking a ride from NYC to Labrador, Ca on the Trans-Labrador Highway. It is supposed to be the most desolate road in North America. I’d ride up there and then take a combination of ferries and roads back down through Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, then through New England and then home. It looks to be about a 4,000 mile trip with about 600 of those miles be gravel, not sure if i am up for it this year but might be a fun goal for next summer.

Of course if I did that ride I would have to be well stocked for vegan food. It is pretty clear that supplies are limited along the route and I highly doubt I would find some tofu to make some grilled tofu with. But I think that this will be my next adventure ride. Of course other than maybe around Quebec City everyone will speak English and the Labrador Dept of Transportation will supply you with a free satellite phone, so it is not quiet what Lois and Glenn did but it will be my next adventure.

Anyone up for a little trip?

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2 Responses to “That Need…”

  1. Deb Says:

    Just wanted to remind you that going to southern patagonia in the winter (southern hemisphere) is not exactly what you’d want to do. Argentina in general is an easy place to travel through, so I don’t think it would be as bad as you might think, other than the fact that you’d be there in the winter. north, around the areas near salta, there are incredible things to see and explore. and then there’s iguazu falls. i bet those areas (tropical) would be okay in the winter.

    I obviously don’t get the motorcycle part of it, but I get the general travel need. Venezuela, I think, next.

    Funny how the pic of the grilled tofu doesn’t show how freaking cold it was that weekend! :D

  2. rich Says:

    Yeah that reverse winter deal sucks when you are a teacher and have two months off in the northern hemispheres summer. That is why I am planning a trip north for the next summer. Who knows when I will try to go south.
    It wasn’t that cold we just weren’t used to winter yet.

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