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RTE is another of those internet acronyms that are all over place. On motorcycle forums it stands for Ride to Eat, and is a popular topic and reason to ride. I went on a RTE recently and it was a disappointment. There used to be a restaurant in Manhattan called Veg-City Diner, it was not the best vegan food around but had a certain comfort aspect to it, plus they were open 24 hours for drunk munching. Their biggest draw was there glass rotating vegan dessert stand with over 75 vegan desserts spinning daily. One day they had a closed for renovation sign up, it stayed up for months and finally they were gone. A few weeks back I saw that the owner opened a new Veg-City Diner in Rockland County so I plugged in a nice 150 mile loop up and around Bear Mountain which would end there, my own little RTE. Before heading off i tried to make sure they were open and I couldn’t find a web site but did find their Myspace page and it was a Saturday so off I went. I was all ready to eat as my GPS guided me there after a nice relaxing ride and when I pulled up they were closed. It looked abandoned but inside the front door was a self standing signboard which was written in chalk, “closed to train new kitchen staff.” Sure they’re not coming back and once again I was disappointed by them. I am was too pissed to take a picture but wouldn’t it make sense to at leat update your Myspace page if that is your only web presence? i was hungry so I had an uninspired Subway veggie hero.

A week later I was riding down from Massachusetts and I was hungry and remembered a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in port Chester, NY. I found it on my GPS and headed to it. When i got there they were out of business, a nicely written sign on their door, said they lost their lease and thank you for the support and business for the last few years. I was not upset with them since I didn’t check to see if they were still around, just decided to show up. It does suck that often vegetarian/vegan restaurants don’t make it but it is a niche market and any restaurant is a risky proposition.

So we all know bad luck comes in threes, last Tuesday I was in Pennsylvania and I decided that it was worth it to go 30 miles out of my way to visit Vegan Treats, I arrived and they were closed. They are closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s which is fine and guess what? When I came home and checked ther website it said they were closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. So only the disappointment of not eating fattening yummy food for me that day.

One of the coolest things on my GPS is if I am hungry i can type in: vegan, vegetarian, natural, or organic and maybe find a restaurant in a 50 mile radius of where I am. Nothing like high-tech vegan food treasure hunts.

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  1. Deb Says:

    Whew, my three are hopefully done as well!

    Are the tires on those bikes bigger than normal tires? Or do they just look bigger to me for reasons such as not generally paying attention to bikes?

    (what a pathetic commenter I am on your blog! Sorry!)

    That is really annoying when places are closed, especially when they aren’t making it clear on their website. Or myspace page.

    That reminds me that I meant to go to Stickyfingers this weekend, and forgot. Now that I know how easy it is to get there from my place (if I ignore the internet directions) it might be dangerous! If it weren’t for my abysmal memory. I went last wednesday and got a bunch of stuff for pattrice and forgot to get anything for myself. duh! Maybe this weekend.

    Where is the first picture of?

  2. rich Says:

    Bigger sport bikes have bigger tires and these guys were into fashion so they had the biggest tires.
    I still never tried a sticky bun from Stickyfingers. Next time…
    The picture is from Bear Mountain about 45 minutes north of me, that is looking over the Hudson River.

  3. Deb Says:

    The stickybuns are the only thing I’ve had there that are *really* worth it, though that doesn’t stop me from trying new things. They had a raspberry cheesecake cupcake, for instance. I’ll have to ask pattrice how it was! :D

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