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Through the ADVrider my friend John organized a group ride explore around Sullivan County, New York to go explore some old railroad tracks ad jeep trails. John is an avid Land Rover driver who owns a small business 4×4 business and we planned on exploring some of the roads he used to drive on. There were about twelve of us plus John and his mothership when we all met up in Wurtsboro. We were a pretty diverse group riding all kinds different bikes and having all kinds of different skill levels as we set out. The trail was pretty easy with some mud holes and puddles at the beginning the fast guys took off and went to go explore some rocky side trails and immediately they realized that these trails were above their heads given the bikes they were riding, and they turned back and took off down the trail. I am not one of those fast riders so I was riding at my own pace, faster then some but pretty much alone. There was one mud puddle that I tried to ride around more than through it and the back end kicked out, I tried to power it back in and I did a slow motion high-side getting thrown over the top of the bike. It was a pretty slow crash and reached over and shut the bike off and picked it up. Just as I was doing so someone pulled up, I assured them I was OK and they rode off. The only damage to the bike, a cracked hand guard, broken turn signal and few scrapes on the side. I jammed my ribs somehow and they were a sore but not to bad, and my left thumb was tweaked. Luckily my knee and shin armor did their job because I caught my knee going over the bars but they were fine.

We finished the ride and rode out to the road and up the road to Ellenville to go check out some other trails, when we got there they were pretty gnarly and only the most skilled riders or those on smaller bikes went to go explore. The rest of us chickened out and we went back to try and follow another road up. I was the first to arrive and I saw a pretty steep uphill with softball sized rocks and I decided to not think about it and just go for it, well I got about 3/4 of the way up an lost my momentum and I was stuck. I looked back and no one had followed me, so I got off the bike and worked to turn it around so I could ride back down. When I was heading down I realized how sore my ribs were. We all ended up meeting in a parking lot and decided that these trails were too tough so we would call it a day of off-roading.

Road up the mountain and stopped at the beginning of a nature preserve for some lunch. John fired up a small gas grill and starting cooking some burgers, dogs and sausages and everyone around me drooled, mean while I was eating my mock curried chicken salad and some carrots. Others were jealous as they waited I ate. I do have to say that John asked me what he should bring for me to eat before we came and I had told him not to stress it. When finished we went on a nice street ride with a pretty spirited pace for the three of us up front and waited at the turns for the group to catch up.

Later we road over to Chris’s house and had some cold iced tea and lemonade and sat on his deck with his wife and beautiful dogs a Siberian Husky and some kind of hybrid he and his wife rescued. By that time there were less and less of us and we headed back to the city riding some real cool winding roads I never knew of. One of the guys with us Walter is known for being the king of knowing all the great rising places in NY and NJ.

Finally it was just Dave and I and we road all the backroads back to the city, never once getting on a highway, lots of fun to take all the side streets and see places you might not normally see. We stopped at his beautiful loft in the city and BS’ed with his wife and had some water and some homemade caponata. As I was sitting there my ribs were really starting to hurt and on the ride home every bump killed me.

I had a hard time sleeping and if they still feel this way tomorrow I might go get them x-rayed, though they don’t do anything for cracked ribs anyway. Overall it was a great day and other then a crash a near perfect riding day, some off-road to challenge my skills, some fast road riding which I love and best of all some great company and hospitality.

Added 7/08/07 
Went to the doctor today and I have a cracked rib. luckily it isn’t a floating rib and should heal in four to six weeks. No dirt riding for me for a while, but I’ll still street ride once the pain subsides.

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