Trans New Jersey Trail

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So yesterday I hooked up with a few guys and did the first 4.1 legs of the Trans-New Jersey Trail. Basically a couple of guys from NJ decided that their state has some great roads and similar to the Trans_Continetal Trail they put together a mixed ride of pavement and dirt from the top western corner of New Jersey (high Point State Park), to the south eastern most point (Cape May) the entire route is about 770 miles and all withing the third smallest state in the U.S. Though all of the parts were ridden no one has ridden the entire route and this weekend was going to be the maiden trip. Three days with camping Fri. and Sat. night. I only planned on riding Friday since my new bike is big and heavy, doesn’t have true off-road tires and my off-road skills are no were equal to my on-road skills. Friday was the easiest off-road day so I went for it. Lots of fun road almost 400 miles and my average moving speed was only 38 mph, and I was doing 70-75 on the 70 mile ride up there. Needless to say it was slow going, but good practice.

We stopped for lunch at this general store/grill/deli, I had a hummus sandwich which was the biggest I ever had, I should have taken a picture of it. I enjoyed it as others ate their death around me, but so it often is when riding. Towards the end my riding partners peeled off and I rode one section which was about 70 miles of the next section alone. As much as I like riding with people I prefer to ride on my own. If I want to ride fast I ride fast, if i want to ride slow I ride slow, no worries about making someone ride above their head, or riding so slow you bore the people behind you. The true beauty of riding is that it is you and the ride, alone with your thoughts and feelings.
That said I enjoyed the company and would gladly ride with that crew again.

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4 Responses to “Trans New Jersey Trail”

  1. Deb Says:

    Does that mean you need a different bike for off road, or will one of your other bikes do? Or do you miss the green bike already?

    Mmm. hummus…

  2. rich Says:

    Somewhere down the road I will buy a smaller bike, but in the mean time I’ll just get my skills up on the new bike.

  3. charles fox Says:

    i recently bought a KLR after riding street bikes for years(still do) and love adventure and enduro riding.
    i’ve been vegan/vegetarian for over half my life and i am grateful to see such an awesome blog!
    thank you and keep up the good work,
    charles fox

  4. rich Says:

    Thanks for the compliment Charles. I sold the KLR pretty quickly and bought an E900, but I am thinking of pairing down a few other bikes and maybe buying a DRZ400 or a KLX250.

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