Doofus and Dingus

vegan - - Posted on July, 5 at 9:22 pm

Last year I bought a used GPS for pretty cheap and played with it. I enjoyed putting some routes in it and having some pretty accurate such as speeds, distance traveled and average speeds and such, but never really used to for plotting routes since it was a bit slow and had only a small amount of memory.

i recently just finished reading Roadshow Landscape with Drums, a Concert Tour by Motorcycle by Neil Peart. It is was an excellent read, and I really like his style of writing. Just in case you don’t know Neal Peart is the drummer from the band Rush and many consider him the greatest drummer alive, he is also the lyricist and can put his words to paper really well. In the book he and a friend are traveling by bus and motorcycle around the U.S. then Europe as the band plays a tour, and the book talks about reflections of touring, riding and friendship. In the book his friend Michael has a GPS and it is always doing really silly things so Neal nicknamed it Doofus, later on he gets his own and calls it Dingus. GPS’s have improved but they still do silly things.

I was out riding with a friend the other day and trying to remember the name of restaurant that was on the Long island Sound and I put the name of the beach in and we started heading there, it was great until we hit a dead end and could see the beach but it would have required us to ride around a piece of armco barrier and over about 20 feet of sand. I was willing to go for it, but Marge not so much so. So I used the old tried and true method of “figuring it out” and we did a three mile loop to find the beach and figure out it was the wrong beach. Luckily we asked someone and she knew the restaurant but not where it was. I typed the name into the GPS it came up and we followed it right to the door and had a great lunch. Well OK the food was only decent, a pasta marinara with sauted broccoli rabe on the side, but the company and views were excellent.

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  1. Deb Says:

    I would love a GPS to get around DC, but that’s probably where it would do the worst, so what’s the point, right? And it would probably come close to doubling the total value of my truck. :p

    I’m just happy I can now get to both the infoshop and stickyfingers without needing directions, and easy straight shots, or close enough. vegan baked goods and anarchists. As if I need anything else from DC!

    It is funny to hear GPS stories! I’d say ‘hopefully it will be a regular part of your blog’ but i’m sure you hope you don’t have a lot of these stories! :D

  2. rich Says:

    Yeah it sucks for around town use, but it can find food :D
    I have a few my stories, just need the time to write them.

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