New Elefant for Me

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So last week I was browsing and saw an ad for a Ducati E900 Elefant in my area and the price was right and I always wanted one, so I called the guy and looked at it and we made a deal. That was the easy part getting it home was the fun part.

My plan was to register it in the morning, get the plates and take the train then PATH train to go pick it up, sounded simple, right?

I got to DMV and after an hour and half line they were unable to pull the VIN up as a valid VIN and sent me on my way. I had this neat little green piece of paper to cut the line after I took a VIN tracing. I came home from DMV and sold my other bike to a nice guy who was a German diplomat working at the U.N.

I called the seller double-checked the VIN and checked with the Jersey DMV and found out for $5 I could get a 20 day temp.tag so I trained to Jersey walked to the shop. Speaking of the shop his place QuattroHaus was a kick ass shop, with all kinds of neat rally cars, Porsches, racing Karts, a few bikes, a fun toy house and seemed to be a popular place to get your German car worked on. Jose drove me and waited with me at the DMV (did I say he was awesome?), got the temp plate went back to his place and prepared to ride home. As I was leaving he told me to get gas and where the nearest station was. I spaced out and missed the station and figured I’d hit the next one, well I didn’t hit one and I knew the bike had a reserve, as I was heading back to NYC on the Pulaski Skyway I ran out of gas, flicked it to reserve and the bike died. I couldn’t get it started and I was screwed. This road is basically a highway, which is a series of bridges that go over all of the NJ industrial area heading to NYC. I was as close to the wall of the bridge as I could get and tried to start it, couldn’t get it fired. I called Jose to see if he knew any tricks and he didn’t, he also told me he never used the reserve. He also told me there was a gas station over just up the road. So I stepped up onto about a 2 foot high curb and got the bike as close to possible to it and started pushing, cars zipping by me at 70mph plus inches from me. I leaned over and pushed up over the first bridge (maybe a ¼ mile push) then rode coasted down the other side until I ran out of steam and got off and pushed maybe another ¼-1/2 (did I mention it was super hot, humid and hazy that day?) to the next bridge and right before it I saw an entrance ramp for my side and an exit ramp for the other side.

I rested until I gained some strength and looked for an opening and ran the bike across two lanes of a highway and started to coast down the ramp, I tried pop starting it since the battery was dead by this time and no luck, when out of the blue the red Audi that drove me to DMV pulls up and it is Jose with some gas in a can (Like I said he was awesome), we filled it up and couldn’t fire it but I got enough momentum down the hill that I was able to pop start it and ride it to the bottom of the ramp, where Jose and I chatted for a minutes and he led me to a gas station where I filled up and he made sure it started, we shook hands and I was on my way.

A few morals I learned:
Make sure you buy a bike from a great guy
When he says get gas, get gas
The reserve doesn’t work on my Elefant
Pushing a bike while hunched over a two-foot curb is not great for your back
I think I am going to like this bike
Not my pic, but a pic of what i pushed it over though i was heading in the other direction. Info on the skyway

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5 Responses to “New Elefant for Me”

  1. Deb Says:

    Sounds like a bonding experience with the bike!

  2. rich Says:

    I prefer the riding kind of bonding, or the take it apart and get to know every intimate inch of it bonding.

  3. Deb Says:

    besides, pushing it is hard on the bike, right? :p

  4. ben Says:

    horrific story…sounds like a terrible experience that would hppen to me.

  5. rich Says:

    Ben: Guess you have my kind of luck as well

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