No Fear

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I was at the AMA Motocross National in Southwick, Ma. yesterday and I was struck by the amount of young men in wheelchairs watching the race. I do not know their stories but I know a handful of riders who were paralyzed either racing or riding streetbikes, and my sad guess is that a large portion of the wheelchair spectators I saw were paralyzed on bikes. During the intermission there was an auction for Doug Henry a local pro who was paralyzed this past March in a racing accident. I can’ claim to be Doug’s friend but our path’s have crossed a few times and he has been one of my favorite racers for a long time. He has no always been the best rider on the planet but a true competitor who would do anything for anyone, from the top pro’s to some fan who didn’t even know his name. There were auctions, raffles, and candy sales to raise money to help offset some of his expenses and I know I was happy to throw a few bucks to help him out.

On the ride home I was thinking off all the young guys I saw in wheelchairs and it got me thinking. As a kid and into my early twenties I lived a fearless life. I would be the kid to take the dare no matter stupid it was, the teenager who jumped his bicycle across the gap between two six-story apartment buildings, the motorcycle racer who didn’t care if he crashed, and somehow I survived it. Yeah there are some scars, healed and unhealed broken bones, and I wake up achy sometimes, but I survived.

Though I no longer race I still ride motorcycles and I may not ride like I did, I am not at all conservative and one day I might step past the point of no return. If I am paralyzed I am sure I will not regret riding , it is such an important part of my life. Just like all those race fans sitting there in their wheelchairs watching racers race. They took a risk and paid the price but must not have any regrets if they are watching racing again.

As I was thinking about this I thought of other people who have paid dearly for what they love or desire and I thought of some of the imprisoned activist. In my opinion there are those activists who knowingly broke the law and did so with no regrets, and those who only broke some mystical laws that were invented after the fact. I know activists’ like Peter Young have no regrets for the price he has paid in rescuing and shutting down mink farms(read his sentencing statement to the court here). But I hope those SHAC 6 defendants caught in the Green Scare do not regret the price they are paying. They did not do anything willfully wrong, but are sitting in jail for practicing free speech.

We all need to be activists to end animal cruelty, to some being an activist is breaking into mink farms and setting minks free, some prefer to protest, for others it is a letter writing campaign, some just do not consume or use any non-human animal products.I do not regret what I have done in the past, and I may not live a life of “No Fear” anymore, but when it comes to supporting abolition of the animal industry we all need to live a life of “No Fear”

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  1. Deb Says:

    This is a really thoughtful post. It ties into so many things I’ve been thinking of lately, but from a different perspective. A very useful perspective for me, actually, one that Leslie and I didn’t come up with last Friday when we were talking about things like this.

    Thanks for this. :)

    (Oh, excellent pics too!)

  2. rich Says:

    I am glad you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for the photo compliment. With your photography skills your compliment means a lot. Thanks for it

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