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I used to race motorcycles and then I then worked in the racing industry for most of my adult life, which has brought me to racetracks all over the U.S. and a handful abroad. I hadn’t been to a track in a few years, but the burnout has worn off and I have returned to the track. I was at three different racetracks over the last three weekends, first it was Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ, then Moto338, in Southwick, MA, and finally Budd’s Creek, in Leonardtown, MD.and these tracks did nothing to change my mind about crappy track food.

Before I was a vegan the only track that had decent food in all of the U.S. was Road America in Elkhart lake, WI., but as a vegan you basically starve. Looking around you could get hamburgers, cheeseburgers, barbecue pork sandwiches, sausage and peppers, but not one piece of vegetable, unless you count the iceberg lettuce and tomato on the burgers.

Luckily Cliff bars, and Luna bars are available almost everywhere and an apple will usually last in a tank bag, so I didn’t starve, though it wouldn’t have killed me to miss a few meals. I can’t wait to the day where there are some vegan food options at racetracks and everywhere for that matter. I have seen some more options being mentioned at baseball stadiums so maybe we are heading in the right direction, but for now I guess I will bring my own food to the tracks or just eat dirt.

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  1. Deb Says:

    I love the pics! Very expressive. The 2nd one took me a second. I could see that it was dirt, but I didn’t realize it was dirt being kicked up from a bike at first. Excellent!

    And I wonder what it takes to change the food options at these places. Where does it start? Would it help if us cranky vegans would write the tracks request better options and complaining about the current ones? Or do we need to contact the vendors themselves?

    That is such a good point about the baseball fields - clearly something sparks these changes. I know that COK has done a lot with the local restaurants, actively going in and talking to the owners/managers, convincing them that vegan options will be good for their business. They succeed because they are right. It might just be a good model to follow for race tracks.

  2. rich Says:

    Thanks for the pics comments, i really like the second one but it lost something when it was shrunk.

    I think groups which I don’t support that have major bankrolls are the ones that lobby and get the ballfields to change.

    My goal it make more vegan options available in the NYC public school system. with 1.2 million students attending everyday, it would can make much larger difference than racetracks.

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