Adventure Kitty

vegan - - Posted on May, 26 at 10:46 am

I saw a post on a motorcycle forum I frequent about a cat who stowed away in a shipping container and ended up in North Carolina. Ironically the container was heading to Olympia Motorsports, the company who makes my toxic yellow jacket. From the article the cat was very defensive against it’s would-be rescuers so they called animal control who caught the cat, and have to quarantine him for six months. One of the employees is going to keep “China” after the six month quarantine is up.

This is one of those feel good stories about how a cat was stowed-away at see and lived for at least 35 days with no food or water and was rescued and all turned out well. But of course there is the other side of it maybe someone in China lost a beloved pet, or what if the cat died a slow cruel starvation death by starvation or dehydration?

I couldn’t imagine my cat Beanie escaping from my house and ending up on a ship heading for god knows where and never seeing him again. So yeah kudos for the staff at Olympia for saving this kitty, but thumbs down for someone making the mistake to ship a cat half-way around the world.

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